Profile: Shen Haoze – China’s Fitness KOL Making Waves at Paris Olympics

by Daisy

Shen Haoze, a prominent fitness influencer from Zhejiang province, China, is set to make headlines at the 2024 Paris Olympics by participating in the historic mass public marathon event. This event, the first of its kind in the Olympics, has attracted a staggering 800,000 registrations worldwide, and Shen is among the select five percent who will compete.

From Chubby to Champion: Shen’s Transformation

Shen’s fitness journey began in 2015 when he decided to tackle his weight issues, driven by comments from his wife and family about his increasing size. Initially, Shen attempted drastic diets, including eating only cucumbers, but found little success. It was not until he began running around Hangzhou’s scenic West Lake that his life started to change. Starting with just three to four kilometers, Shen faced numerous struggles, including vomiting from exhaustion. However, his determination paid off. Over the next year, he completed over 160 laps around the lake, lost 20 kg, and developed a deep passion for running.


Marathon Journey and Achievements

Shen’s dedication to running led him to participate in his first official marathon race in March 2016. His early experiences were marred by setbacks, such as suffering blisters from improper footwear. Despite these challenges, Shen’s perseverance led him to serve as a pacer at the 2017 Sydney Marathon, becoming one of the first two Chinese nationals to hold this role. The honor of finishing with a Chinese flag in hand was a proud moment for Shen.


In 2020, Shen achieved a personal milestone by completing a full marathon in under three hours, a testament to his rigorous training and dedication. Currently, he covers about 300 km per month, continually pushing his limits and inspiring others.


Influence and Aspirations

With 8 million followers on social media, Shen uses his platform to promote marathon running and fitness. He believes that while victories by professional athletes may seem distant, the idea that marathon running is accessible to ordinary people can be incredibly motivating. Shen’s participation in the Paris Olympics represents not only a personal achievement but also an opportunity to encourage his vast audience to embrace the sport.

Shen Haoze’s journey from a beginner runner to an influential figure in the marathon community underscores the transformative power of dedication and hard work. His story continues to inspire many and highlights the universal appeal of running as a sport for everyone.


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