WV Man Competing for Mr. Health & Fitness Title

by Daisy

Glen Midkiff, a local Huntington man, is in the running to become the next Mr. Health & Fitness. The title carries a $20,000 cash prize and a double-page feature in Muscle and Fitness magazine.

Midkiff, who serves as the chief of staff for academic affairs and executive director of the Rahal Center for Strategic Engagement at Marshall University, discovered the competition on Facebook. His motivation stems from his personal health journey, having struggled with various health issues and obesity in the past, including congestive heart failure, AFib, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, and sleep apnea.


The pandemic served as a turning point for Midkiff, prompting him to commit to improving his health permanently. He started by implementing small changes, such as not eating after 8 p.m., which eventually led to significant weight loss and improved health.


The Mr. Health & Fitness competition includes a fundraising component, with proceeds benefiting the B+ Foundation, which supports families affected by childhood cancer. Midkiff has advanced through several rounds of the competition and is currently competing in the Group Finals round, with the winner set to be announced on July 19.


Midkiff’s ultimate goal is to inspire others, particularly fellow West Virginians, to lead healthier lifestyles and overcome the state’s stigma as the “fattest state in the United States.” He emphasizes the importance of starting small, staying consistent, and finding a support system.

If he wins, Midkiff plans to use the prize money to pay off debt, travel, and give back to the Huntington community.


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