Fitness Instructor’s Unique Fundraising Effort for CancerCare

by Daisy
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Ursula Brendling, the founder of Ursula Training, a fitness company, has demonstrated an innovative approach to fundraising for CancerCare, a local charity. To celebrate her 58th birthday, Ursula embarked on a 58-day challenge, showcasing a different exercise each day on her Instagram page. On June 1st, her birthday, she led an exercise class in Borrans Park, Ambleside, featuring all 58 exercises, followed by a group paddle-board trip to Joey’s Café at Low Wray for breakfast.

Through JustGiving and Instagram, Ursula raised £1,637.70, which will support CancerCare’s mission of providing crucial support to local individuals affected by cancer, life-shortening illnesses, or bereavement. This funding can provide art supplies for young people’s therapy, pay for aromatherapy massage sessions, or support counseling sessions.


Ursula, with over 25 years of fitness experience, had originally planned to hold a fundraiser for her 60th birthday but decided not to wait. Her goal was to raise funds while encouraging more people to exercise, ensuring the exercises she showcased were inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Despite being away from home at times, Ursula remained dedicated, never missing a day of posting. The challenge featured exercises done in various locations, including the Pennine Way and Scotland. On June 1st, a group of 30 individuals joined Ursula at Borrans Park, with one participant traveling from Durham to participate.


Ursula’s commitment to CancerCare stems from seeing friends benefit from the charity’s therapies and services, recognizing the importance of supporting a cause that makes a difference in the community. She encourages others to get involved by setting up a JustGiving page, highlighting the helpfulness of the CancerCare team.

Ursula’s fundraising efforts exemplify the impact individuals can have in supporting their communities, ensuring that no one faces cancer, illness, or loss alone.


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