Green Valley Recreation’s Free Evening Yoga Class Draws Enthusiastic Participants

by Daisy

Jennifer Jacobs embarked on her fitness journey, reluctantly embracing yoga at the insistence of her sister-in-law. Initially doubtful of her abilities, Jacobs found guidance and support from Lisa Herr Vincelette, the sole instructor at Green Valley Recreation (GVR) offering a complimentary class for beginners.

Every Monday evening at 5:30 p.m., Las Campanas Recreation Center transforms into a haven for yoga enthusiasts, with Vincelette guiding over two dozen students through various poses like tree, mountain, and child’s pose. While Vincelette conducts four yoga classes for GVR, her beginner’s class has seen remarkable growth, with students praising her patient and empowering teaching style.


Kent Beverly described Vincelette as patient, generous, and informative, noting that he would willingly pay for the class if it weren’t free. Nancy Kirchoff also appreciated Vincelette’s consideration for older students with movement limitations, as she regularly offers modifications to cater to all participants.


GVR Recreation Program Director Steve Kindred shared that the decision to offer a free evening yoga class was an experiment that exceeded expectations, largely due to Vincelette’s exceptional teaching. Owing to its popularity, the class has been relocated to a larger space at La Campanas to accommodate more participants, with Vincelette confirmed to continue teaching in the fall.


Vincelette, who started her yoga journey about ten years ago but paused due to feeling inadequate compared to others, rediscovered her passion three years ago. She emphasizes self-acceptance in her classes, encouraging students to focus on their own progress and not compare themselves to others. Vincelette fosters a welcoming atmosphere where students can freely ask questions and interact with one another.

As each class concludes with meditation, Vincelette reminds her students of the importance of self-care, urging them to dedicate a few moments daily to introspection. Looking forward, Vincelette is set to introduce a new class in the fall: water yoga, a concept sparked by a student’s suggestion to alleviate hip discomfort.


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