UK Gyms Implement Stricter Rules on Photography and Selfies

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In response to growing concerns over privacy and the misuse of gym facilities for content creation, numerous gyms in the United Kingdom have begun prohibiting the taking of photos and recording of workout videos by their members.

A recent report by The Guardian has shed light on a rising trend among UK gyms, where they are now discouraging or outright banning the practice of members capturing selfies and filming their workout sessions.


In today’s age of social media and online fitness trends, individuals, including fitness influencers, instructors, and regular gym enthusiasts, have increasingly resorted to using their smartphones to document their progress, workout routines, and techniques, all for the purpose of sharing them on various social media platforms.


However, this newfound norm has raised concerns in the fitness community and among gym-goers. Such concerns encompass issues of personal privacy infringement, public harassment, and complaints about camera equipment and lighting disrupting the gym floor ambiance. While many gyms stipulate that members must obtain consent from fellow patrons before capturing their images, in practice, this has not always been observed, leading to unwitting individuals being recorded for social media content.


To address these concerns, some gyms have decided to impose stricter regulations regarding photography and video recording within their premises. These measures may include restricting when and where members can film, or obliging them to obtain explicit consent from all individuals present in their vicinity while recording.

Virgin Active, a prominent gym chain with 32 locations throughout the UK, has implemented a policy that empowers staff to request the deletion of images or videos if they are deemed intrusive or unwanted by other gym users.

Similarly, Fitness First, which operates 28 gyms in England, has instituted a rule that necessitates members to obtain the explicit consent of any other gym-goers who may inadvertently appear in their videos or photographs.

Going even further, Pure Muscles Gym in Walthamstow, North London, has enforced a complete ban on the use of tripods during weekends.

A spokesperson for PureGym, a gym franchise boasting more than 340 locations nationwide, emphasized the importance of respecting the privacy of fellow gym members. The spokesperson stated, “It is important to respect one another’s privacy, which is why our gym rules clearly state that people should not take photographs or videos on the premises unless they have permission. We also ask people to not post remarks or imagery to the internet, including social media platforms, that may identify another person.”

The shift towards stricter regulations on photography and video recording in UK gyms has come in response to concerns over privacy and the inadvertent inclusion of unsuspecting individuals in fitness-related content. These changes aim to foster a more considerate and respectful gym environment where members can focus on their workouts without the worry of becoming unwilling subjects in someone else’s media production.

In a related incident earlier this year, TikTok user Jessica Fernandez faced backlash and subsequently apologized after posting a video in which she labeled a man at the gym as a “weirdo” while recording him without his consent.


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