Millikan Student’s Memory Honored with 17 Special Gym Memberships

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Long Beach, CA – Aiden Gossage, a dedicated Millikan High School student with an unwavering passion for physical fitness, is being remembered in a unique and poignant way. In honor of the life cut tragically short when he was struck and killed by an alleged negligent driver in 2021 at the age of 16, Anytime Fitness has awarded 17 special gym memberships to commemorate his memory.

For Aiden Gossage, free time was synonymous with physical activity, whether that meant working out with friends, exercising at home, or hitting the gym. He was a familiar face to those who frequented the gym, as his dedication to maintaining an active lifestyle was truly inspirational.


Gossage’s love for fitness went beyond personal enjoyment; he aspired to pursue bodybuilding and harbored dreams of becoming a fitness influencer, aspirations that were tragically left unfulfilled due to the unfortunate accident that claimed his life.


His close friend, Daniel Quinn, 19, who shared a passion for fitness and often worked out alongside Gossage, holds vivid memories of their shared journeys toward better health. The loss of his friend profoundly impacted him, leading Quinn to reminisce about the days they spent pushing each other to achieve their fitness goals.


On Sunday, October 29, Anytime Fitness paid tribute to Aiden Gossage’s memory and unwavering commitment to fitness by awarding 17 special gym memberships in his honor. Among the recipients of these exclusive memberships was Daniel Quinn, who cherishes his friend’s memory and the shared dedication they had for physical wellness.

This heartfelt gesture serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring and preserving the legacy of those we’ve lost, especially when they leave behind such a remarkable and inspiring footprint. The 17 special memberships symbolize Aiden Gossage’s enduring legacy, an enduring testament to his love for fitness and the dreams he held close to his heart.

As the Millikan High School community continues to grieve the loss of Aiden Gossage, this act of remembrance offers solace and inspiration, reminding us all to pursue our passions and dreams with the same fervor and dedication that Gossage exemplified during his tragically short but impactful life.


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