Fitness Influencer Defends His 3-Hour, 50-Mile Bicycle Commute

by Daisy

A fitness enthusiast who bikes nearly 50 miles to work each day took to TikTok to share his reasons for the commute some critics slammed as “crazy.”

27-year-old Alex Heatzig lives in San Francisco, CA, but works in Cupertino as a project manager for Apple. Twice a week, Heatzig opts to ride his bike to work as opposed to spending a similar amount of time on overcrowded public transit.


“My other options are [to] take an hour and 40-minute bus ride or drive, and that takes about an hour,” Heatzig explains in the video. “First and foremost, [biking] is the most time-efficient way to get a workout in,” he shared.


Heatzig says he no longer worries about fitting in a workout late in the day when he’s already exhausted. “I check that box first thing in the morning,” he enthused. The supercommuter typically leaves his house around 6 a.m. and arrives in Cupertino around 8:45 a.m.


“Number two, my afternoons aren’t full of anxiety if work pops up or if I need to work late,” Heatzig said of unreliable late-night bus schedules.

“Number three, it really sets the tone for the rest of the day,” he said. “I start my day being damn productive and that kind of just gets the ball rolling.”

Heatzig added that he’s devised an ingenious method for cleaning himself up once he’s arrived at Apple. “I’ll leave clothes at work the day before and shower at work, so don’t worry about me smelling at the office,” he laughed.

Commenters largely praised Heatzig for his commute even while some expressed confusion over how he could manage a full day of work after almost three hours of strenuous exercise. “You’re multitasking! Workout and commute at the same time,” user @katiewouldntdateme said. “I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.”

To those who expressed a desire to take up a bicycle commute similar to Heatzig’s, the fitness influencer emphatically encouraged them, “You should! Such an awesome way to start the day.”


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