Xplor Introduces Gamification Tools for Boutique Fitness Studios

by Daisy

In a move set to revolutionize member engagement, Xplor Mariana Tek, a prominent boutique fitness software platform from Xplor Technologies, has launched a new suite of gamification tools. These tools, including in-studio challenges, automatic in-app goal tracking, and milestone celebrations, aim to enhance community building and member retention for boutique fitness brands.

Research published by Science Direct highlights the efficacy of gamification in fitness apps, showing that users are more likely to maintain their exercise routines compared to traditional, non-gamified apps. Leveraging this insight, Xplor Mariana Tek has designed features to motivate and engage fitness studio members.


“Challenges are an effective way to bring your community together while working towards personal goals,” said Shannon Tracey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Xplor Mariana Tek. “For the consumer, it’s incredibly motivating and allows them to increase their workout frequency and establish new routines. For studios, it’s a means to build brand loyalty and reinforce the power of community.”


The new gamification suite from Xplor Mariana Tek includes performance milestones to help members track and share their achievements, streak celebrations to encourage consistency, and in-app goal tracking to monitor progress. These features are designed to create a fun and engaging user experience, ultimately fostering a stronger sense of community.


Boston-based B/Spoke Studios, a multi-location boutique fitness brand, has already adopted Xplor’s new gamification tools.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to tap into the competitive spirit of our community, increase engagement with our studio app, and strengthen our bond with loyal clients,” said B/Spoke co-founder and CEO Mark Partin. “By celebrating their hard work and adding fun through a well-designed user experience, we’re reinforcing our community and encouraging clients to return in an empowering and organic way. They love it!”

Xplor Technologies has had a significant year in 2024. The company launched Xplor Capital, a fintech division aimed at providing easier access to capital for small businesses, including those in the fitness and wellness sectors. Additionally, Mariana Tek expanded its boutique fitness software to the United Kingdom and partnered with emerging telehealth provider Dr. B to integrate HSA/FSA funds into fitness services.


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