How a Diet Overhaul Led to Unexpected Success with a Dancing with the Stars Professional

by Daisy

Over the past eight weeks, my fitness journey took a transformative turn under the guidance of Emily Barker, a distinguished professional dancer known for her role on “Dancing with the Stars.” This experience not only reshaped my approach to exercise but also challenged my long-held beliefs about nutrition and calorie consumption.

Following a recovery period from surgery last year, I found myself needing to rebuild strength and fitness. Although I had previously been committed to CrossFit, the idea of transitioning to a traditional gym environment was daunting. My apprehension about unfamiliar equipment and routines was ultimately a barrier I needed to overcome.


The introduction of the Mad Hot Fit program, led by Emily Barker and her team, marked the beginning of a significant shift in my fitness regimen. This program offered a unique combination of workouts and personalized coaching tailored specifically to my recovery and fitness objectives.


My primary aim was to restore confidence in my physical capabilities and increase my daily activity levels. Weight loss was not my primary goal; however, I was disheartened by persistent bloating that accompanied even the smallest amounts of food.


What I had not anticipated was that the most impactful change would stem from altering my dietary habits rather than from rigorous exercise. Initially, the recommendation to increase my daily calorie intake seemed counterintuitive, especially given the conventional wisdom that calorie reduction is crucial for weight management.

Emily and her colleague, Coach Ceire, advocated for a diet rich in protein and sufficient calories to properly fuel my body. This approach proved to be revolutionary, accelerating my recovery and enhancing my overall energy levels.

The change in perspective highlighted a crucial aspect often overlooked in fitness discussions: the importance of adequate calorie and protein intake. Contrary to my fears, increasing my calorie consumption did not result in weight gain but rather facilitated muscle development and improved body composition.

During this period, I also traveled to America, where the support from Emily and her team allowed me to enjoy my holiday while maintaining a balanced approach to nutrition.

The program not only focused on physical training but also created a supportive community through WhatsApp groups. Engaging with other women pursuing similar goals provided a network of motivation and accountability, which proved essential for maintaining progress and overcoming challenges.

In summary, this experience underscored the value of a balanced nutritional approach and the importance of a supportive community in achieving fitness goals. The Mad Hot Fit program exemplifies how personalized guidance and a redefined perspective on diet can lead to significant and positive changes.


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